The fear

Thursday, 26 January 2017

I am a sucker for a new year’s resolution. This years was, as it is every year since I’ve not been a child is to lose some bloody weight and the second: to stop playing down things I genuinely want to do just to please people. I am a self-confessed people pleaser and certainly do not like being the butt of the joke. I have attempted to blog perhaps three times in my life since I was about 15, each time using this blog URL (although it’s rather more boujie looking this time right?) and each time deleted posts then would give it up from sheer panic and embarrassment after a few weeks of blogger based banter from friends. But this time, screw it. I love fashion and style. It is the only hobby I have (sorry mum and dad those line dancing classes in the church hall aged 7 didn’t pay off ). And although, I am not that good at it I like writing too. So I am going to blog. This is my blog.             

My love of fashion and styling pieces is what I hope will really be the driving force of this new chapter for myself. Through my blog, I’m going to do my upmost best to not just simply pose in front of a white-Chelsea-esque building and plonk it online. As aesthetically pleasing that may be for a minimalist feed I hope I can put my own personal style in it, even down to the shooting and editing style. That and living up north automatically minimises my chances of seeing a bright white building that is Instagram-worthy by 1000.

I hope I will be able to put my, at times seriously embarrassing attempt of balancing Uni, work, sleep, social life and now blogging into a social commentary of what’s it’s actually like to be twenty year old- something that is already daunting by itself. I would love nothing more than creating “relatable” content without being a buzz feed article, touching on honest and frank girl talk subjects. Expect chats focused on feminism and body confidence mixed in-between shots of pretty spots in Leeds and posts coveting my ever-growing obsession with jackets and late night online shopping orders.

I am very excited about 2017,

Francesca x


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