Thursday, 30 March 2017

For anyone that isn't me, you're definitely going to consider the next sentence, definitely maybe, very over dramatic. I truly have been looking forward to this day since I was fifteen. Little fifteen year old me was obsessed with trawling through fashion blogs, scrolling through endless posts of fashion bloggers in Jeffery Campbell's boots, and disco pants (a quick ode-to-disco pants) in their gardens, shot on some form of low megapixel mobile phone. Sigh, I wish it was still 2012. And here I am, five years later posting my first ever outfit shots (thanks to my amazing photographer, thank you for the actual tenth billion time, George if you're reading this). Okay enough of the constant spiel, at some point, I need to realise I am now technically a blogger and need to stop acting like some oddly obsessed fan girl lady to the profession.

I'm not sure if unconsciously I've decided I'm obsessed with the colour red, due to the fact it's the IT colour of this season or if I genuinely enjoy the colour. Either way, a good load of red has snuck it's way right into the front of my wardrobe. Admittedly, the piece I'm the most obsessed with is the heart shaped bag. Zara never fails to amaze me. This £29.99 number is all I ever I want to wear. I'm sure in 5 years time I will cringe immensely to this bag but right now it's my big ol' slice of tacky fashun and brings me much joy.

 As for these trousers, I found them in the Mango sale for a nifty £19.99 and completely love them. Any form of clothing that feels like you're in pyjamas has my vote, and these certainly, certainly do. However if you manage to pick them up, I do warn you they can rise a little high, almost too high. Almost Simon cowell, athleisure vibes. Apart from that they're an absolute gem.

Thank you ever so much for reading,


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