Monday, 12 June 2017

My personal style has been a pretty predominant in my life since at the ripe old' age of four when I decided my wardrobe would contain only SClub 7 merchandise. Which, I am sure, my parents who prided themselves on dressing their daughter in cute lil fur coats and doc martins weren't that pleased when I wanted to go back to the drawing board and only wear bedazzled jeans and trainers that had the S logo etched into them, for the world to see. 16 years on, I can't say having Bradley on a diamante tee is still my personal style, but I'll give props to lil' fran for knowing what she wanted to wear, and wearing it.

From what I can remember, I've always had some form of say on what I wanted to wear. I lived for going on big TKmaxx shops with my mum whilst growing up and looking out for the types of pieces I had been told was cool on Top of the Pops magazine that fortnight, from then it would be an ongoing battle between my idea of fashion at the time and my mums. If anyone knows my mum, you'll know her style is all her own, it's eclectic and it's hers. I mean, if I'm totally honest, not all pieces would be my choice, for example, flip-flops that are lined in Astroturf and a recent buy of hers, a rather oversized vintage biker jacket with a painting of a bird skull on the back. Like I said, it's hers and it brings her joy. I'd like to think my mum put a little dash of that personal style into mine and my sisters growing up. Seeing her love clothes and the joy she'd get finding a piece that she loved, made me love clothes even more.

But the second you hit high school, it was fair to say, in fear of being picked on for being different. All originality was chucked out the window. I couldn't have been further than my mum's originality. Living in the middle of nowhere, like I did, growing up meant there was no chance in hell you could possess anything different from anyone else without being ridiculed. You were either a farmer that wore gilets and had dirty fingernails (Just speaking from personal experience) or you were not a farmer, yet still wore gilets. The high street shop carrier bag that you'd put your p.e kit in was as far as your originality would lie, although even then it was most likely going to be a bag from Bank, (r.i.p Bank). Throughout my five years of high school, I'd like to think my personal style started to peep through the cracks a little, yurning for non-school uniform days to show the world I was more than too tight school trousers and dolly shoes.

The reason I'm writing this post about my style is all because of this paper boy cap I am sporting. The second I put it on, even know I knew I liked it and that it made me happy it still brought back those waves of high school dread. It brought me straight back to the first day I bought a fedora, loving it so much but wearing it once purely because I didn't want to be mocked. 20 years on, you've just got to push past that little tickle in your stomach that says, maybe you should just stick to the jeans and t-shirt? Because Personal style is personal style for a reason. And if it brings joy wearing it, it's working. If you told 13 year old me that she would post online an outfit of bright yellow trousers and a hat that may or may not give off ye olde train conductor vibes I would've thought you'd probably got me mixed up with my mum, even though my mum has only worked out how to type an @ sign on her Kindle let alone get herself a blog up and running.

Style, for me, brings me so much joy. As someone who didn't have a hobby until two months ago (blogging..durr) styling pieces and seeing upcoming trends was the thing I would dedicate time to whilst other people may age would play on a sports team. I think it's easy to pass off style, and more so personal style as something irrelevant but if wearing a certain jacket can make your day more bearable, then as the Trevor, the stoner guy says in Clueless, that's a "two very enthusiastic thumbs up" for me.

 Leather jacket- Zara (Two year's old, linked similar), Yellow trousers- River island,  Baker boy hat- Asos, Vans- Vans (lol)


  1. I love this so much, and I love that you've found your own personal style again! This is such a stunning outfit, that yellow is gorgeous!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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