Sunday, 4 June 2017

My original plan for today's blog post was, if I'm honest, going to be a rather below par piece of writing. Gushing about the Zara kimono that, everyone and now myself, has and something about how much these mules hurt. Which they do. Ya girl has some serious mule related injuries going on. But whilst up uploaded this week's shots, I scrolled up through my past blog photos to realise that I've now officially been blogging for a ripe old two months. So I may not be a blogger veteran just yet, but these past approximately 60 days have been something, that I certainly wasn't expecting.

About three weeks into my blogging "career", I was emailed by a PR (How these companies actually already find me, blows my mind) and invited to my first ever ADULT BLOGGING EVENT WITH SAMSUNG for the release of the Samsung S8. I could tell you the cool version of the story, about how I was super chill about it, and that on the night that I just, sipped on some prosecco and just swanned my way around the event and was just this social butterfly that exuded confidence. Or I could tell you the truth? Well for one, I screamed when I got the invite come through my inbox. My dad (whose a Samsung supporter until death) was acting as if I'd been nominated for best actress at the Oscars, and to be honest, it kinda felt like that, blogging for less than a month and being invited to an event just didn't seem to compute to me. I truly could not believe I was in that much of a fortunate position. On the night, I must've looked like a right little loser, I was the youngest there by far. Everyone was already best pals and had been bloggers for years, whilst me, not even a month in, didn't have a ruddy clue and was a bit of a billy no mates.

But, to give me my dues, i've got a little bit better at this networking malarkey at events since then. And dare I say it, even made some blogging friends. But that feeling of wanting to do an actual little lame dance everytime an PR invites me to an event isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Another aspect of blogging I haven't got my head around yet is the fact brands actually want to send me products and pieces of clothing. With a self confessed shopping problem, bordering on addiction, I love getting packages through the door as it is, but recieving mail from brands is that feeling times a million. As someone that before this year has been an avid fan of bloggers and youtubers, watching girls recieve packages from brands seemed like some dream, so now being in this fortunate situation to me, is mindblowing. God, I love this blogging thing.

Without a doubt in my mind, the highlight within the last two months, comes from working with none other than MAC RUDDY COSMETICS. No word of a lie, when I recieved the initial email from the brand, I ingored it becuase my skeptical ass 1. believed it had accidentally been sent to me 2. it wasn't actually mac, but a mate trying to piss me off. But after eventually replying, it was legit and yes they did want to work with little old Francesca Perks from an old town called Bishops Castle.  On the day of working with the brand, I rang my dad to tell him what I was doing that day and automatically burst into a flood of tears. My dad, knows better than anyone how important MAC cosmetics was to be back in the day. From owning my first ever MAC lipstick aged 15, which I would pass around my group of friends to show them in class (but never let them wear) which was bought via saving up dinner money to dragging my dad to corners of the UK (because weirdly enough their isn't a selfridges in South Shropshire) so I could just experience a MAC store and buy one piece of makeup, MAC has a soft spot in my heart. 

All in all, these past two months have been unimaginable. I could not even fathom when I started posting regulary that this would be the position I would be in. Every single day, no word of a lie, I find myself excited as to what oppurtunities I could be given from this platform. All I know, is this is truly what I want to do with my life. I just want to continue to create better and better content, and hopefully people like it? I don't want anyone to ever think I'm taking any aspect of this for granted. 

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  1. Loved this, the photos are amazing! Keep on killin' it!

    Libby x



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