The best kept beauty secret in Leeds

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I was sceptical at first when walking into John Lewis when I asked the doorman where the Beauty Salon was, to which he looked at me awfully confused, then continued to look at the large floor plan and directed me up to the fourth floor, seeming just as clueless as me. But all my scepticism diminished straight away the second I clocked the baby pink sofa & interiors. Not at all easily swayed, Fran.

I showed up to "& Beauty" for the first time last week with hair an awful shade of black with patches of yellow peeking through like some crazy woman. This concoction was put on my hair, on my kitchen floor frantically a couple of nights before to cover up only what I can call, an absolute horror show on my head, purely just so i could leave the house without tearing up. Let me explain: I won't go into too much detail, but lets just say when I walked in from a whole day from a salon  (which will go unamed) my housemate Lauren, 1. Laughed in my face & 2. Told me I should probably just turn all the mirrors round in the house until the problem was rectified.

 All i can say is thank god for John Lewis & thank god for "& Beauty"."& Beauty" is a new concept from John Lewis, only in Leeds & Birmingham that truly looks like a pinteresters dream. It is a salon, with an amazing team of Hairdressers and Beauty therapists that even has a secret door which leads through to a relaxation rooms and spa facilities. Can I move in?

The amazing Sam was in responsible for bringing my hair back to a level where people didn't look confused and concerned about it on the street. He managed to strip out all the panic hair dye from the night before and rectify all of the remaining distaster left on my head. Leaving me with a gorgeous balayage and maybe THE best blow dry I have ever witnessed, so much so that I came back yesterday to get another, honestly guys, he is the king of blow dries. Don't just take my word for it.

I would absolutelty reccomend if any of you lovely northeners/part time northeners a.k.a students decide to book at & Beauty for your hair to ask for Sam. He truly adores his trade and it shows.
& Beauty also offer SmartBond, which is L'oreals answer to Olaplex. Thank the lord for this colour bonding other wise with all the bleaching, toning etc my hair went through in the past two weeks, the condition of my hair would've been enough to keep me up at night. The treatment is mixed in with your hair dye and later sealed in again after washing the dye in, pre shampoo. You can truly feel the difference, & with the whole process only takes an extra ten minutes within your time at the Salon.

All in all, I cannot fault "& Beauty" for any aspect of their service. I could quite happily pack a small bag and just spend my days being pampered in their absolutely gorgeous facilities. Although so far, i've only hair my hair and nails done at the salon (Both 10/10) I've got my eyes on that pastille pink spa and their other beauty treatments including LVL and Eyelash extensions. I will certainly keep you guys informed over on instagram if i take a day out to swan around in there once again!

If any of you lovelies are thinking about booking you can go online to:, Email, or Call 0113 394 6237


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