Sunday, 26 November 2017

As an avid blog reader since the age of 14 I have been a common subscriber to the likes of these christmas gift guides. They made me feel two different emotions, 1. Jealousy, because I have always loved to collage. Pretty cool I know & 2. A little bit of bitterness, thinking this shit musn't of took any time at all. Well that's where I was wrong, picture me sat on the sofa from 11AM to 9:30PM clicking away at my laptop, with only designated breaks for delving my hand in a (now empty minus a few twix's) box of celebrations. What a hard, hard, strenuous life.

I've put my little heart into picking a selection of items that I myself would be pretty pumped about recieving on Christmas Day, I mean hello who doesn't want an Eleven shaped candle stick whereby when the wax melts, it gives her a nosebleed?! (Number 24) (Seriously missed a trick with not putting it as Number 11) (If you're not a watcher of Stranger Things that whole passage will have gone a miss). Also all items...minus I think 5 are under 30 squids.

(if the item is  marked with an *, this is an affiliate link, which means if purchased I will receive a very small comission)
1. Boobie Candle

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