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Sunday, 16 April 2017

I am the queen of procrastination. I can put something off for days before doing something (top tip: tell yourself that you'll start the task at the start of the next hour, and then just don't, it's a good time and you can finish off the end of the American Office again that way) (Dwight over assignments). This time, the procrastination of uni work actually turned into something relatively aesthetically pleasing when instead of writing a speech for a module I sewed sixty pearl beads onto a pair of mom jeans. A perfect trade off.

I'd spied a pair of pearly jeans on ASOS a couple of months prior to my Frankenstein creation that caught my eye. When I like something and I don't buy it, it can completely push it's way to the front of my mind, but being a student you can't just drop seventy quid on jeans with bits stuck on them, so reluctantly I dropped the thought and carried on, yanno, living and breathing. But those little buggers found their way back into my cerebrum (the part of the brain that does the thinking) (yes I had to google that) and when something sticks in my noggin for that long I have to take action.

I ebayed a bulk order of pearls, bought some thread and needles from a habidashary and digged out a pair of mom jeans that didn't fit me just right and got to work. Here's the blog post that helped me sew my little heart out for six and a half hours, if i'm brutually honest It did get rather repeitiive rather fast.

I hope the time paid off because I am now left with a rather jangily pair of mom jeans. Yes they may not be the most weariable basic in my wardrobe, but hey, if you're in the need of a pearly pantaloon, i'm ya girl.

 Shirt - Boohoo - Jeans - Diy (buuuut, here's a couple 'o  links for you lazy's) Silk Fred - Zara


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